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"After working in the pastry world for over 5 years, owning a small cake business and working as a flavour developer for one of Melbournes leading bakeries, I decided a change was needed but had no idea which creative field to enter, until spring rolled around in Melbourne that year.

There were flowers what felt like everywhere... every front yard, hanging over every fence, parks and growing wild on nature strips. I had the idea from a friend to just walk around, pick a few, play around and just see what happens... After that I didn't stop. I had always loved flowers growing up but the realisation of being able to create art with them was completely incredible. Everything just clicked. 

I then made it my goal to teach myself floral design and within 8 months I had launched Astro Daphne and started to sell my designs as well as doing deliveries around Melbourne. Fast forward to now and we are growing by the day, putting a little hold on deliveries and directing all of our focus into weddings and events. Im forever grateful for the amazing support and very excited to share what's coming in the future for Astro Daphne!!"

Astro Daphne is a boutique floral design studio based in Sandringham, Melbourne. Brought to life in 2020 by Lilee Gregory with a focus of spreading joy after the first lockdown

One of our favourite things about flowers is their ability to help us live in the moment and appreciate what is here, now.


"Our driving force and constant inspiration is colour!! (surprise, surprise)
and the way we can create a feeling by combining shades.  

Colour has the ability to completely change the vibe and set the mood of any space, it literally has no limits- something we are not good at sticking to anyway!"

- Lilee Gregory xx
Founder of Astro Daphne 

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